Student packages collected from Somerville College Student Accommodation Oxford

UNIMOVE collect student packages from Somerville College Student Accommodation Oxford.

Student: “can you take this furniture for me too? It’s only a bedside table and filing cabinet”

Unimove Andy: “yes no problem, there is an additional baggage charge of £20 per item, payable before delivery”

Student: “That’s great, thanks”

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Unimove collect and store another Oxford Slade Park student belongings


You can’t miss our new brightly coloured Unimovers. Arriving to collect student boxes this afternoon from Slade Park Student accommodation in Oxford OX3.

14 box package (equal to 1 metre cube) collected, stored, insured and re-delivered, for only £249

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Student summer storage collects from Harcourt Hill Campus, Oxford


14 boxes, 1 bike, and a bedside cabinet were successfully collected from Oxford Brooke’s new campus today.

Free student storage for 16 weeks, due to be returned in September.

Total price: £249 plus £20 for the bike and £20 for the cabinet

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